Frequently Asked Questions

How many acres do you have producing fruit?
We are currently farming 187 acres. Pears are our number one crop with about 85 acres in pear trees. We have 40 acres in apples, 10 acres in cherries and blueberries, peaches and other fruits. 

What do you raise?
We grow over 100 varieties of apples alone, along with a dozen varieties of European pear and a dozen varieties of Asian pears, 10 varieties of cherries, peaches, blueberries, and other fruits and vegetables. 

Do you spray fruit?
Yes we spray our fruit trees, in both our conventional and organic orchards.  The disease and insect pressure influences what method of control I will use.  My first option is not to spray, my second option is to use phermones or disruption or use other natural beneficial insects and my final approach is to use a soft insecticide that does not harm beneficial insects.  My kids eat the apples right off the trees and the last thing I want to do is put my kids and my customers at risk and so my last option is to use an insecticide or fungicide on our fruit. 

Do we need to wash fruit before eating?
It's always a good idea to rinse fruit, whether it comes from right off the tree or from our fruit stand.

Do you ship fruit?
We do not currently offer any shipping options.   

How can I receive a copy of your brochure each year?
We now have two ways to receive our brochure.  New to our website is a downloadable .pdf  version of our brochure that you can print. out.   You can request to be put on our e-mail list to be notified each year as the new one becomes available on-line, or you can request to be put on our regular mailing list to have one mailed to you.

Which apples are best for pie, applesauce or cider?
It depends on your taste buds.  We always recommend blending apples, using two or three varieties whether cooking apple sauce, making cider, or baking.  Depending on your taste, you may want to blend apple(s) that are sweet, tart, and tangy flavors.  That's where our fruit stand or farmer's market can help you choose apples to your liking.  While Gravensteins are the classic old-fashioned favorite, their season is short. 
Some wonderful choices for pies are: Newtown Pippin, Elstar, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, and Spitzenberg.
Depending upon what is available, the staff at our fruit stand can help you pick the perfect apple for blend of apples for your pie filling.

How many apples do I need for one pie?
Generally you will need about four pounds of fruit for one pie (8 - 12 apples).

How many apples do I need for one pint of sauce?
A general guideline is one pound of fruit per pint of sauce.

Why do Gravensteins get brown or black spots?
A calcium defficiency that occurs in certain varieites of apples.   

What is your price for apples? (bin, box, bushel, etc.)
This varies depending on the variety of apple.  See "Price" tab on home page of website.

Which pears are best for canning?
Bartletts are the classic favorite for canning, but Cascade are also a great alternative.

Which pears are best for drying?
The best pears for drying are ones that are not too ripe and juicy and that hold their shape well.  Some examples are: Bosc and Cascade.

May I request a specific apple or pear for one of your Farmer's Markets?
Special requests must be received by phone or e-mail no later than the Wednesday preceding the weekend market day.  A minimum order for a special request is 20 pounds and if the fruit has not been picked yet, it will depend on the availability.

How much do you charge per pound for apples at the Farmer's Markets?
Each market sets their own prices but most farmers markets are selling common varieties of apples between $1.50 - $2.99/lb.  At our fruit stand we are selling them for $.59 - 1.99/lb.

Why do you no longer grow strawberries? 
Our strawberry plants were three years old and were getting tired. so we took them out and planted blueberries in their place.  We hope to plant another field in the future though!

May I request that you HOLD fruit for me if I cannot make it to the fruit stand when the fruit is ready?
Yes you may.  The fruit must be paid for upon ordering, there will be a $5 handling fee and we cannot hold fruit for more than two weeks.

Do you give tours?
Though we do not give guided tours, we welcome visitors to take the self-guided tour through the orchards.

Can you accommodate group events?   Is there parking for buses?
Yes, however we recommend that you contact us in advance of your arrival so that we may have enough staff on hand to accommodate your group.  There is nearby off-site parking available for busses.

Do you have handicap access?
Our Fruit Stand is wheelchair accessible and we have handicap parking right in front.

How do I get fruit for our fundraiser?
There are two ways you can get fruit for your fundraiser.:

1) You can purchase an entire "bin" of fruit (about 850-900 lbs.) and you provide the boxes.  You can box it up at Kiyokawa Family Orchards' farm or take it to another location and do it there.  We request a $50 deposit per fruit bin if you take it with you.  You get the best price per pound this way ($ .35 - .45/lb) but you have the responsibility of selling it.  The fruit in the bins are "Field run" which means they are picked in the field and not sorted for size or defects.  Sorry, but we do not deliver bins into Portland for fundraisers.

2)  This is comparable to selling Girl Scout cookies.  Sales are done ahead of time (see our "Fundraiser" page on our website for order forms) and monies are collected before you hand out the fruit.  We need a box count about 4- 5 days ahead of the date you need the fruit so we can be prepared.  If you would like specific varieties it's always best to contact us in advance for dates the fruit will be available.

We provide the boxes and can deliver for a fee (about $150 for Portland areas)

We provide boxes for the fruit this way and your group can box them up on our farm.

If we are ordering fruit for our fundraiser and are having them delivered, can you drop off the apples in large boxes so we can box them up? Or do they come boxed on delivery?
We only deliver boxed fruit.  If your group doesn't have the time or desire to box the fruit we can do it at the farm for a $1.00 per box fee.   

What is the time lapse between collecting order and placing an order with you?
It's best to set a date that you want to have your fruit delivered and let us know in advance which day that is.  From that date, we need about 5 days notice of exactly what you need in terms of box count of each variety so we can be prepared to have your order filled.

In your experience, how successful are fruit fundraisers?
We have noticed that the success of a groups' effort is closely tied to the coordination of each club, school, or business.  The excitement and energy that is projected by each of the people selling the apples will determine the scope of how far reaching you can get fruit sold. A willingness to call friends, family and nieghbors is also crucial to increase box sales. 




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